Y.E.S. Job Search Tips - Choosing Career

Y.E.S. Job Search Tips - Choosing Career
Job Search Tips!
Meaning Of Work
What can you gain from your job? Formost people, career plays an important part in their lives. Apart from material rewards, a jobcan give you sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Your confidence can grow through exercising your knowledge and skills as well as working with other people.
  • 04_Personal Growth & Development

    • New knowledge can be acquired and skills be polished through formal training as well as lessons you learn from trials and failures in the work.
  • 05_Friendship & Networking

    • A job can broaden your social circle. It enables you to meet people from all walks of life.
  • 06_Mission & Aspirations in Life

    • Your career can inspire and assist you in the life-long search for meaning in life. Achievements in career may be one of your life goals.
  • 07_Serving the Community

    • Some jobs, with the objective to serve the community, can offer you an opportunity to help those in need.
  • 01_Wages and other Material Rewards

    • They support your life and improve living standard.
  • 02_Sense of Satisfaction and Challenge

    • Your job can offer you a real challenge and stretch you to the fullest. You can gain a sense of satisfaction after completing a special task or overcoming difficulties you encounter in your job.
  • 03_Recognition and Appreciation from Other People

    • A job gives you an opportunity to show your ability to persevere despite obstacles and prove your competencies. Such recognition leads to appreciation and material reward, e.g., promotion.
Meaning and Values. The meaning of a job varies from person ro person, owing to difference in values, life goals, family needs, and socio-cultural conditions. However, there is one thing definitely true:there exist some forces other than 'money' that motivates us to word hard. Before you start the process of job search, roll up your sleeves and make a thorough evaluation of the following factors. It will take you some efforts but will be proved useful.